Sir John Hayes and campaigners at the junction.

Calls for action at town junction

Calls have been made for changes to an A16 junction south of Crowland that campaigners say has led to motorists speeding in Crowland itself.

The campaigners, including Angela Harrison, say that drivers are using James Road in the town “to race the slower moving vehicles on the A16 and gain priority at the next roundabout.”

“At peak times it is very difficult for vehicles to enter James Road when exiting Crowland, due to both the volume and the speed of the traffic coming from the Spalding direction,” the former councillor said.

“Already there are drivers that decide to avoid this junction by travelling through the town centre in order to exit via Postland or Thorney Road.

“This way, they too can speed along James Road, avoid the queue at the top of Peterborough Road and gain priority at the roundabout.

“With forthcoming housing developments there is the potential for over 1,000 extra vehicles wanting to exit Crowland via this junction.”

South Holland and the Deepings MP Sir John Hayes joined protesters at the A16/James Road/Peterborough Road junction to witness the problem himself.

Angela says she would like to see a mini-roundabout installed.

“If there were a mini roundabout sited at the junction of Peterborough Road/James Road, the traffic would flow freely in and out of Crowland,” she continued. “Buses and delivery vehicles would be able to enter Crowland unhindered and the traffic exiting the town would have right of way over those on James Road, therefore removing the incentive to use it as a ‘rat run’.”

Richard Davies, Lincolnshire County Council’s executive member for highways, said: “We are aware of the issues at the junction and will be looking at potential ways of addressing local concerns.”

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