Call for ‘Student Land Army’ to help bring harvest in

Students are being encouraged to help pick food in the county as farms are struggling to recruit workers.

The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership says it’s looking to create a Student Land Army to bring in this year’s harvest.

It says 80,000 seasonal workers are needed from the end of May.

The partnership is particularly targeting sixth-formers and students and universities and colleges.

“The food sector in Greater Lincolnshire employs 56,000 people, produces a quarter of the country’s vegetables and is nationally important in keeping our nation fed,” said Sarah Louise Fairburn, Chair of the Food Board at the Greater Lincolnshire LEP and a Director at Fairburns Eggs.

“Because of travel restrictions put in place to combat the coronavirus our farms are struggling to recruit the workers needed to bring in the harvest this year.

“A Student Land Army can have a significant impact on the national effort to overcome the pandemic emergency and will give students a chance to earn an income while they’re not studying.

“That’s why we’re encouraging students to tell their friends about the campaign and asking them to sign up to the Student Land Army today.”

To sign up for jobs visit the Pick for Britain or the Feed the Nation websites.

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