Bra-vo! Keleigh’s charity bid

A Spalding lady is urging women to send her their old bras to raise money for a breast cancer charity.

Keleigh Smalley-Willows, (pictured) who runs The Melty Wax Company, is collecting the items for the Against Breast Cancer Charity.

Bras donated are recycled by the charity who are then given money to go towards research work.

Keleigh has a Bra Bin at her expanding wax business which she currently runs from her mum’s shed after outgrowing her own kitchen.

She said: “I work for the NHS and have done for four years now but before that I was a home carer.

“I have cared for a number of palliative patients with cancer being the highest cause of their illness.

“My mother has previously been diagnosed with breast cancer, she survived and I also lost my nan 11-years-ago to it.

“Since her passing a part of me has always been missing and since having my children, I feel that missing piece even further.

“This is why research and fundraising is important and more important than ever.

“This is why I have chosen to personally support Against Breast Cancer and have also drafted in my business to help fundraise vital funds for the cause and research.

“I live in hope that one day within my lifetime we have a cure.”

Anybody wishing to donate a bra can drop them off at 18 St John’s Road, Spalding. For more information visit

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