Phil Clay with his book What Have Animals Ever Done For Us?

Book reveals awesome animal jobs

A Spalding first-time author has released a book packed with animal facts, detailing jobs they have around the world.

Phil Clay began his working life on a farm and has maintained a lifelong interest in animals and wildlife. He then channelled his interest into finding weird and wonderful facts about working animals into his book What Have Animals Ever Done For Us?

Phil said: “I have always been interested in animals and was often quoting animal related facts to anyone who would listen. Eventually it was my wife who said ‘why don’t you put them into a book?’.”

So he set about finding terrorism tackling gerbils in Israel and fibre-optic cable installing ferrets.

Phil: “It is full of obscure, quirky and interesting things that animals do to help humans.

“Although you will not find guide dogs or sheep dogs, you will find gerbils working for the Israeli secret service and learn how vultures help to keep the incidences of rabies down.

“The book would appeal to anyone with an interest in animals, or who just likes to learn quirky facts expressed in a fairly humorous way.”

The book is on sale at Bookmark in Spalding for £8.99 or from online retailers.

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