Book offers prehistoric fun for little ones


Ug-A-Lug: Four Caveman and a Prehistoric Pencil is the perfect picture book to sit down and share with your little one.

It’s my grandson’s favourite book (he is four) and he knew it inside out within a couple of days of having it – so it comes highly recommended!

Colin, Clive, Carlos and Flint are four cavemen drawn by a little boy who, as he is drawing them, accidentally knocks over his pot of pencils.

One of the pencils ends up inside his drawing, unfortunately putting out the cavemen’s fire (“DOOF!” said Flint who is cross as the fire had taken three days to get going).

The four cavemen have lots of fun trying to discover what you can do with a pencil and it turns out that although you can’t eat it (“YUK! YUK! YUK!”) you can make a car out of it!

The cavemen have their own sayings “MUGGA, HUGGA, LUGGA, RUGGA!” which repeat throughout the book and are great fun for little ones to say during the story and afterwards!

You’ll want to share this book together again and again!

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