South Holland District Council offices.

At a glance: your new South Holland district councillors

South Holland District Council now has a new composition for a fresh four-year term.

The 37 members covering 18 wards were elected during a count in Spalding on Friday afternoon, following Thursday’s poll.

It was a good election for the ruling Conservative group, which increased its number of seats by three to 28.

For the first time, UKIP has members on the council – Paul Foyster (Holbeach Town) and Pete Williams (Spalding St Mary’s).

There were mixed feelings for Coun Angela Newton, who was re-elected again to extend her 41-year stand but saw her Independent group slip from having 12 seats to seven.

The turnout for the election was more than 60 per cent, thanks to the poll coinciding with the General Election for the first time since 1979.

Results (elected members in capitals):

Crowland and Deeping St Nicholas: BRYAN ALCOCK (Ind) 1,017; JIM ASTILL (Con) 1,396; Paul Barrett (Ind) 635; Peter Bird (UKIP) 903; ANGIE HARRISON (Con) 1,201; Jennie Head (Con) 968; Brian Sumner (Green) 483

Donington, Quadring and Gosberton: ROBERT CLARK (Con) 2,268; COLIN JOHNSON (Con) 1,657; JANE KING (Ind) 1,677; Roger Neal (Con) 1,043

Fleet: Paul Chapman (Ind) 371; PETER COUPLAND (Con) 720; Anne Ramkaran (LibDem) 70

Gedney: Andrew Parks (UKIP) 406; JOANNE REYNOLDS (Con) 588; Sarah Wilkinson (Ind) 245

Holbeach Hurn: Richard Crowley (Ind) 324; NICK WORTH (Con) 719

Holbeach Town: FRANCIS BIGGADIKE (Con) 1,902; TRACEY CARTER (Con) 1,304; PAUL FOYSTER (UKIP) 1,290; Martin Howard (Ind) 918; Rita Rudkin (Con) 1,215

Long Sutton: LAURA ELDRIDGE (Con) 1,922; Jeanne Sibley (Ind) 1,039; ANDY TENNANT (Ind) 1,620; JACK TYRRELL (Con) 2,076; David Wilkinson (Ind) 1,567

Moulton, Weston & Cowbit: Emily Bates (UKIP) 1,198; ANTHONY CASSON (Con) 1,953; RODNEY GROCOCK (Con) 1,326; Voyteck Kowalewski (Lab) 486; Mary Lane (LibDem) 468; Jim Scarsbrook (Ind) 847; ANDREW WOOLF (Con) 1,650

Pinchbeck & Surfleet: JAMES AVERY (Con) 1,952; Douglas Dickens 378; Geoff Garner (UKIP) 1,161; SALLY SLADE (Con) 1,908; ELIZABETH SNEATH (Con) 2,074; David Turp (Ind) 583

Spalding Castle: Martin Blake (Green) 125; Mark Le Sage (Ind) 229; GARY TAYLOR (Con) 681

Spalding Monks House: GEORGE ALEY (Con) 1,026; Dave Maltby (UKIP) 817; ANGELA NEWTON (Ind) 1,398

Spalding St John’s: GRAHAM DARK (Ind) 821; Rob Gibson (UKIP) 733; JACK MCLEAN (Con) 1,017; Roger Perkins (Ind) 421

Spalding St Mary’s: HARRY DRURY (Con) 1,178; Richard Fairman (UKIP) 805; GARY PORTER (Con) 1,084; Robert West (Ind) 523

Spalding St Paul’s: DAVID ASHBY (Con) 889; Glynis Scalese (Con) 767; PETER WILLIAMS (UKIP) 865

Spalding Wygate: Anthony Cronin (Ind) 763; ROGER GAMBBA-JONES (Con) 1,355; CHRISTINE LAWTON (Con) 1,267; Geraldine Scholes (Ind) 626

Sutton Bridge: MICHAEL BOOTH (Ind) 755; CHRIS BREWIS (Ind) 839; Shirley Giles (Con) 539; Vicky Hills (Con) 525; Phil Scarlett (UKIP) 485

The Saints: Val Gemmell (Ind) 413; MICHAEL SEYMOUR (Con) 839

Whaplode & Holbeach St Johns: MALCOLM CHANDLER (Con) 1,232; MICHAEL PULLEN (Con) 1,270; Karl Richardson (UKIP) 969

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