Appeal for Kenzie (12) who’s lost the ability to stand up and walk

An appeal has been set up to help a Crowland 12-year-old regain some of his independence after he was left unable to stand or walk just before Christmas.

McKenzie Goldsmith, known as Kenzie, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy seven years ago, a genetic condition which means his muscles are weakening as he gets older.

But in the run up to Christmas Kenzie suddenly found himself unable to stand up or walk anymore.

It’s left mum Sinead Goldsmith having to carry him around herself including up and down stairs.

Kenzie does have a basic wheelchair, but the family are now fundraising to try and get a more accessible one so he can still enjoy as much quality time with his friends, including those from Newbrook Primary School and sisters Scarlett (10) and Sophie (9).

Kenzie and Sinead Goldsmith.

“Even though we knew this was coming, it’s still a huge shock,” Sinead said of Kenzie losing the ability to stand up. “He’d been less mobile but it’s just not something you can prepare yourself for.

“We knew there was something wrong back in 2013 as his development was delayed but initially we thought it was something that could by helped with physiotherapy. Then we went to the hospital for blood tests and were told it was this condition.”

Kenzie’s 2013 diagnosis with Duchenne came in the same week dad Alan learned he had lung cancer. He passed away the year after.
Sinead said: “It was an awful time. It’s more of a blur than anything.

“Kenzie had been doing really well until March and the lockdown but they stopped the physio and we’ve been shielding.

“I’d noticed that he was having to hold on to things more while walking and I wondered if he was just trying to get his confidence back but then only a few weeks later he couldn’t stand up.

“It’s really heartbreaking.

“I keep watching old videos of him running and jumping around and it just makes me think that I’m never going to see that again.”

Sinead is able to get help moving Kenzie around the three-bedroom home from long term partner Richard Haynes but hasn’t been able to see her mum Julie Clarke during the pandemic as she lives with Kenzie’s 87-year-old great grandma Sheila.

“My partner helps me with carrying him around but it’s difficult,” Sinead continued. “It’s particularly hard getting him in and out the bath.

Kenzie and his family.

“He shares a bedroom with his ten-year-old sister and I’m putting my back out getting him in and out of the bunk bed below her.

“It’s hard on Kenzie too especially as he has learning difficulties and ADHD.

“He gets a bit frustrated because he can’t do the things he used to do.

“He can’t even just come up or down the stairs.”

The family are talking with landlord South Holland District Council about improvements to their home to make life for Kenzie easier after moving from Peterborough last year.

His aunty Nikki Clarke has set up the Go Fund Me page looking to raise funds for a new all terrain wheelchair.

“We have a basic chair through grants but it’s not reliable and we want to get him one that can help Kenzie keep as much of his independence as possible,” Sinead said. “We want one so he can go on the grass or possible on the beach with his friends

“He’s just the most amazing little boy I’ve ever met.

“He’s always pleased to see you and is really happy.

“He loves playing on his X-Box and is really obsessed with cars; he really wants a Lamborghini.

“We got him a track day to be driven around in one and he absolutely loved that.

“We want to be able for him to do as much as possible in the future.”

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