The work to temporarily remove a wall and window in full flow on Monday lunchtime.

A ‘hole’ lot of work at former Spalding pub just to get some freezers inside for Eastern European store!

A window and wall had to be removed from a former Spalding pub as preparations for it becoming an Eastern European food store continue.

Workman provided access at The Station Gates building in Winsover Road on Monday (June 1) so that large freezers could be carried in. The wall and window removal is on the Station Approach elevation.

A planning application was submitted recently to replace a window on the building’s Winsover Road elevation with a set of doors. This was later amended and currently remains undetermined.

A South Holland District Council spokesman said: “The application has not been granted.

“The works at the moment are not the same as the application.  The applicant informed us that he could not support the proposal so as an alternative, has removed the window and part of the wall in order to provide access for large freezers.  The wall and window will then be reinstated.”

The plan to alter the former pub into Corner Shop emerged in February.

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