John Hayes is in jovial mood at the count.

Sir John Hayes bouyed by Exit Polls

Sir John Hayes has said the Exit Polls predicting a huge majority mirror what he’s experienced on the campaign trail.

The Conservative candidate arrived at the Springfields count tonight flanked by his family shortly after 10.30pm.

He told The Voice: “It’s exciting as you never know how it’s going to go. We’ve put a lot of work in.

“I’ve been visiting polling stations and thanking staff for their time.

“I’ve had a lot of support throughout the campaign including a lot of people saying that it was the first time they’ve ever voted Conservative, including those who told me they’d previously voted Labour.

“People want to get Brexit done.

“It’s been a very positive campaign.”

On any targets he might set, other than by winning, he said: “I’ve increased my percentage every time but that has to come to an end at some point and obviously the main thing is just to win.”

When asked how he keeps his hunger for politics in his seventh General Election, he said: “I’ve always been driven to promote Conservatism, my values and beliefs and to do the best for local people.

“I’ve always seen as an honour to represent this area. I think that’s because of my background and I feel I have to deserve to represent this constituation.

On the difference of this election: “I think there was a real fear of Jeremy Corbyn and what he might do to the country, and that’s from all types of people, not just Conservatives.

“Also, Brexit has been the biggest message going forward. That’s what many voters want to see.

“With the Exit Poll, polls are polls and results are results, and I don’t want to make assumptions, but it is very encouraging.

“Certainly it reflects what I’ve been hearing out campaigning.

“I’ve an incredible team of more than a hundred people working on the campaign who I have to be thankful for. They’ve been incredible.”

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