Coun Paul Foyster.

End of UKIP party in South Holland

The South Holland and the Deepings branch of UKIP has shut-up shop.

The branch was unhappy with the national leadership since the EU referendum and folded at a meeting on Monday evening.

Two members of South Holland District Council were elected on the UKIP ticket at the time of the last local elections.

Paul Foyster is becoming an independent member and Peter Williams will remain a UKIP member.

An extraordinary branch meeting saw all officers step down with only one nomination for a new chairman and none for other posts.

“The branch therefore voted to close by the end of this month. It was also agreed to donate a substantial proportion of remaining funds to local charities, with the rest being returned to the national party,” said Paul Foyster.

He added that his party membership had expired and he would not be renewing his membership but remained committed to Brexit.

“Many members joined simply to escape the EU. UKIP local branches have enjoyed considerable independence and are all different. We have never been a ‘right wing’ one, simply attempting to steer a course between right and wrong rather than left and right,” he said.

Several people at the meeting agreed to meet again as private individuals to assess progress on Brexit.

“If the terms of our exit are unsatisfactory we may set up a new group of some sort to fight for the deal we voted for,” said Mr Foyster.

“I thank our members and supporters for the help, work and encouragement that they have given to us during the past years.

“Individuals who remain paid-up party members can ask for a transfer to other branches by contacting head office.”

Mr Williams said he was elected as a UKIP councillor and would not be changing parties at this point.

“I may have another look at election time again next year, but I will remain a UKIP council member until then,” he said.

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